The Movement at Lehigh University

We are a student-led group working to promote diversity, acceptance, and understanding within the Lehigh community. Our goal is to create an environment where all students, faculty, and staff can feel welcome to express their individuality in a safe community atmosphere.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Princeton fights diversity problems.

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"The Admission Office and Alumni Schools Council have launched a program aimed at increasing the socioeconomic diversity of the University's undergraduate applicant pool through pilot programs involving Boston and Washington, D.C.-area public high schools."

Maybe Princeton and Lehigh can work together and share ideas to solve these common problems sooner.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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The Movement – List of Demands

We want an environment at Lehigh University that promotes a diverse student body, faculty and staff.
We want to assist Lehigh University in its efforts to create an academic environment that will attract, recruit, retain, and prepare a diverse group of students to assume leadership roles in the world wide community; to assist in developing an environment where the faculty, staff, administration, community and curriculum combine to enrich these students; and to expand the intellectual and social horizons of every individual that attends Lehigh University.
Towards this end, the University must execute the following reforms:

I. Incorporate a required course in the basic curriculum of ALL colleges which would be a weekly, credit-bearing seminar on acceptance, prejudice and other diversity issues
II. Include a greater breadth of courses offered at Lehigh that focus on racial, cultural, gender, ethnic and LGBTQA studies
III. Faculty must include a Diversity Integrity Statement on their syllabi indicating that the faculty will respect the individuality of their students
IV. Integrate a component during the freshman orientation that explores existing power hierarchies and prejudices in society
V. Require freshmen in ALL colleges to take a revised and improved Choices and Decisions Seminar which will educate incoming students about available student resources

I. Create an Office of Institutional Diversity as the core of Lehigh University’s diversity initiatives
II. Schedule a monthly open forum between the Lehigh University President and student body
III. Provide common meeting space for student organizations, leading to an effective Student Center
IV. Maintain a fund of money, known as the “Social Environment Improvement Fund,” for the purpose of bringing more diversity-related events to campus. This fund will be placed under the supervision of the Office of Student Activities
V. Expand current structure of Lehigh’s Student Affairs hierarchy
A. Hire an additional staff member to serve as Assistant Director for the Office of Multicultural Affairs
B. Renovate and expand the Multicultural Center
C. Hire a Director of LGBTQA Center, to operate directly under the Vice Provost of Student Affairs
VI. Create a more efficient system for anonymously reporting hate crimes, other forms of discrimination and prejudices committed by students and faculty

I. Target low-income students for Merit, Community Service and Financial need-based aid
II. Increase the Diversity Delegates Ambassador Program budget
III. Include an essay question addressing diversity on the Undergraduate Admissions Application
IV. Provide online resources available in multiple languages, especially those websites pertaining to admissions, financial aid, university news and health services
V. Focus attention on recruiting efforts in the South Side Bethlehem community

Friday, March 24, 2006