The Movement at Lehigh University

We are a student-led group working to promote diversity, acceptance, and understanding within the Lehigh community. Our goal is to create an environment where all students, faculty, and staff can feel welcome to express their individuality in a safe community atmosphere.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Walk Out Letter

Dear Faculty and Staff:
We are a diverse group of students who are concerned about the lack of cultural acceptance and the growing presence of racism and homophobia on campus. Both matters are in part the product of the small numbers of students of color and openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students at Lehigh. Public hate incidents on campus, as well as a prevailing atmosphere of subtle discrimination and prejudice, have revealed the need for urgent action to address this crisis and to create positive change. A walkout has been planned for Thursday, March 16 at 11:45 AM, where students, faculty and staff will stop their usual activities, leaving their scheduled classes, educational or extracurricular activities, and meetings in order to gather and rally at the UC Front Lawn. Through a Walkout, we hope to promote discussion, both within and beyond the classroom, about the need for respect, accountability, and acceptance on Lehigh’s campus. This Walkout is intended to increase awareness and to affirm our community, as well as to express solidarity and to demonstrate a commitment to productive change. We invite you to participate and we ask you to allow students who wish to participate to do so. We have gone too long being silent. It is time to speak and demand change for OUR community! Please join The Movement in this peaceful protest.
The members of The Movement at Lehigh University
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